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A Year’s Quest – March

Is there something that you have always been interested in, but never done anything about it? Now is your chance! Engaging in a novel experience releases dopamine which gives you a feeling of pleasure and reward. So choose something on your bucket list or learning a new skill and start now!

Published on: April 12, 2021
Topics included: achieve | challenge | goal
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March: Challenge Yourself

Choose a Big Goal
What’s on your bucket list that you haven’t started yet? Choose a high reaching goal or skill that you want to attain. Start this month.

Learn from Failures
Failures teach you what doesn’t work. They also increase analytical thinking, resiliency, and open mindedness.  Success after multiple failures is fulfilling!

Ask for Help
By asking for help, you are letting the helper know that you value their opinion and trust their expertise. Now the helper will get a sense of purpose and feeling of good will.  Now you are the spreader of happiness!

Use Time Wisely

Eliminate wasted time by making a To Do list. Be aware of the things that distract you and limit them.

Enjoy Your Progress

Don’t wait until your goal is attained to celebrate. Why? That moment is short-lived. The time spent reaching the goal should be congratulated.


Challenge Yourself

March Goals

The left hand column represents the goals made at the beginning of the month. The right hand column represents the self report of whether or not a goal was achieved daily.

March Goals

  1. Record moments of savor in a journal.

How We Did


  1. Mission accomplished. Every day at least one moment was entered.

“It was a nice ritual to reflect each day about a thankful moment.”

March Goals

  1. Eat more veggies.
  2. Help nephew find and keep a job.
  3. Limit FaceBook time to 30 minutes/day.


  1. Made meal choices with veggies.
  2. Nephew got a job at nearby grocery store.
  3. No success – still watching until late at night.

“Still watching FB videos – one after another. They are addicting!”

March Goals

  1. Get out of the house every day.
  2. Take a walk outside every other day.
  3. Limit time waster – my phone.


  1. Didn’t track, but felt like I got out more.
  2. Took some memorable walks – through the zoo and botanical gardens.
  3. Phone use dropped slightly.

“The last week in March, my goals went to pot.”

March Goals

  1. Consistently eat 1220 calories per day.
  2. Get help from family.
  3. Limit TV time waster by not watching 2 nights per week.


  1. Too hard.
  2. Exercised 5/7 days per week.
  3. No TV for one day per week.

“I feel a lot better and my pants fit better.”

March Goals

  1. Start a happiness blog.
  2. Become 50% efficient in Spanish on Busuu
  3. Limit time waster – email and FB to 10 minutes at noon and 5 minutes at 5:00pm.


  1. Started. Check.
  2. Stayed at 47% efficient.
  3. FB time went down to 3 minutes/day. Spent longer on emails, but there were work related.

“My husband asked where all his hugs went?”

“I felt much more productive on the days that I wasn’t checking email throughout the day.”

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