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A Year’s Quest – February

Tips for nurturing relationships include small gestures that go a long way like daily hugs, encouraging feats, and complementing a job well done. Basically, try to be positive even when you want to bust someone's balls for not doing what they said they would do.

Published on: April 8, 2021
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February: Nurturing Relationships

Stop nagging
Try making a polite verbal or written request that starts with, “Would you be so kind as to …” Then show appreciation when the task is completed.

Start hugging
A 6-20s hug releases oxytocin and serotonin in your brain which make you feel better instantly! You don’t have to count, just hold until you feel relaxed.

Quality Time Together
Schedule a weekly game, activity, or adventure with your partner/friend. Put away your cell phone and give your full attention.

Accentuate the Positive

Emulate someone who has a great relationship by mimicking their behaviours.  Show affection, smile and enjoy the moment.



Nurture Relationships

February Goals

The left hand column represents the goals made at the beginning of the month. The right hand column represents the self report of whether or not a goal was achieved daily.

February Goals

  1. Give one hug a day to husband.
  2. Play Backgammon once/week.
  3. Act extremely nice for a week.

How We Did


  1. Hugged everyday.
  2. Played  Backgammon 3x/month.
  3. Two days of extreme nice.

“Days of extreme nice were extremely hard when work was hectic.”

February Goals

  1. Play Chinese Checkers once/week.
  2. Hug nephew every morning.
  3. Week of acting extremely nice.


  1. Also played dominos, Sequence and 5 crowns.
  2. Hugged nephew every morning.
  3. Partner quote: “You were supposed to be extremely nice, do you think that was extremely nice?”

“These goals are helping!”

February Goals

  1. Redo January Goals (daily treadmill, drink 64oz water/day.
  2. Brush teeth everyday.
  3. Hug people on the weekends.
  4. Week of acting extremely nice.


  1. Treadmill – 30 minutes 16/28days!
  2. Water – 15 days 100%, 13 days 90%!
  3. Brushed teeth 88% of days
  4. Hugged every weekend.
  5. Week of extreme nice was non-existent.

“Work was too busy. My boss and I barked at each other every day.”

February Goals

  1. Play Ping Pong with husband 2x/month
  2. Give one hug per day.
  3. Act extremely nice for one entire week.


  1. Did not play ping pong at all, but went on two hikes with husband.
  2. Gave one hug per day.
  3. Week of acting extremely nice went OK

“I think I was nice.”

February Goals

  1. Three hugs for my hubby every day.
  2. Encourage +/- complement mom every day.
  3. Week of extreme nice.
  4. Limit daily sugar to <40g.
  5. Drink 2x blue water bottle every day.


  1. 100% Success
  2. Success on 33% of calls
  3. Tried for 2 weeks, only completed 3 days.
  4. About 80% of the days
  5. About 50% of the days.

“Sugar limits was doable as long as there wasn’t any pie in the house.”

“Husband said that I basically didn’t do anything different during the week of extreme nice.”

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