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Rewarding Goal Progress

You want to keep motivated to accomplish your goals. How? First, determine what motivates you. Then choose a reward that reflects that. Common motivators and examples rewards are shown below.

Published on: May 20, 2021
Topics included: rewarding goal | treat yourself
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Examples of Common Motivators and Rewards 


jar with money

Put money in a jar every day you make progress toward your goal. At the end of the month, spend it.


girl in superhero outfit

Take a photo of each person you have helped. Write a short caption. Fill a scrapbook or buliten board.


two friends laughing

Bank 5-10 minutes for every day you worked on your goal. At the end of the week, use your minutes to catch up with someone.


painted hand

Every week or month, step back to look at what you have created. Your product thus far will be satisfying and motivating.


girl weightlifting

Keep track of the number of people you have influenced. Celebrate their accomplishments.


girl showing off diploma

Show off your accomplishments by framing and displaying them in a prominent place. Be sure to add them to your resume.


diving off blocks for swim competition

Enter competitions, create them with friends and collegues, and/or even challenge yourself. 


bicycle race in the mountains

Tell others about your goals and progress through social media. Counte the likes and savor the comments.

The general idea is to break down your goal into smaller benchmarks. Then reward yourself as soon as those benchmarks are met with something that you value. Don’t wait until the end goal is reached. The journey and progress is what makes us happy!

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