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Be the Best Friend You Can

Best friends has a sixth sense of when to listen. When to give advice. When to mirror outrage. When to give a hug. When to tell you to stop obsessing already!

Published on: May 28, 2021
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Qualities of Good Friends


Go out of your way  to help.

Offer to shuttle to the airport, babysit, look after the house while on vacation, water the flowers, walk the dog, ect.


Be sensitive to other’s needs.

Have a sixth sense of then to listen sympathetically, give advice, mirror outrage, give you a hug, and tell you when to quit obsessing already.


Show up for important events.

Birthdays, funerals, weddings, hospital stays, graduations, parties, ect. If you say your are going to be there, be there. 


Accept flaws.

No one’s personality is perfect, but there are not so desirable traits that you can live with. Accept that a friend may have some of these traits and let them slide. Don’t judge


Be pleasant.

You need to like yourself before you can expect others to like you. A friend can find humor and fun in the mundane while keeping the negatives in perspective.

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Stages of Friendship

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This is when you know each other, but don’t share any personal information.

Casual Friends

Two people that share common interests, some personal info, and value each other’s opinions.

Close Friends

At this stage, an abundance of personal info is shared along with emotion and unconditional support. You know each other’s likes, dislikes, philosophies, and values.

Best Friends

Best friends are likely to share some type of social identity or group. They understand and support the other’s sense of self and role in the group. According to Jeffrey Hall of the University of Kansas, it takes at least 200 hours of time together to be someone’s best friend.

How to Keep Friends

Interact regularly.

Write, call, email, or text. Any of these methods work.

Be supportive.

This encompasses emotional, utilitarian, and financial areas.

Disclose personal information.

Share your thoughts, emotions, and values. Be open.

Be positive.

Be careful not to dump your troubles on your friend, keep reaching for the best you can be.

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Give Positive Reviews

Give Positive Reviews

When you do criticize, give a suggestion of how to improve along with the opportunity to do so.



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Nurturing Relationships

Nurturing Relationships

Take time to nurture relationships by being supportive and affectionate. Substitute listening and encouraging for nagging and criticising. Try adding a 6s hug to a loved one every day. Expect nothing in return. Watch how these nurturing behaviors will reflect back on you leaving you with a feeling of contentment.